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collecting visual assets

After deciding what I wanted to focus on, the skateboarding subculture, and determining the idea I wanted to prove about them, that what they do should not be considered a crime, it was time to go out and search for the pieces that I would need to prove my point. This is the beginning of my story:

TEXT (of above video):

“I’m going to start searching for some random skating images to start collecting my pile of materials that I can incorporate into a video about the subculture. So it’s important for me to be careful and think about what kind of things I can and cannot use for copyright reasons. I’m going to be capturing my movements using a screen capture tool as well, and we’ll see what I find. . . .  In my searching, I’ve already made a decision that I am going to be looking for pictures of people skateboarding, obviously, but also of images of signs or slogans or images that discourage skateboarding.  . . . .  I’ve decided to go ahead and skip looking for YouTube footage, and I’ve spent, basically, the last twenty-five minutes, from 8:35, searching for more images off of Flickr using the Creative Commons license. YouTube videos would just be too long for the timeframe that I am working with, which is about a one-minute video.”



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