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considering my audience

My students are online students; they take this class, interact with me, and I never see them. I really do not know their technological saviness. This worries me. And because of this, it limited the technology I felt comfortable using in this piece. I do not want to make assumptions about how competent my students are, but at the same time, I do not want to cut them short. So I used technology that I felt pretty confident that I could explain to them how they might utilize similar technology to create projects that would fit the aims of the assignment. Some of the technologies that I use are web-based, that will allow all of my students easy access to them, such as Zamzar, as a tool for editing file types of the images or videos that my students might find and decide to use in their own pieces. Additionally, I was left to determine a possible subject matter to work with for my own piece; I chose to work with the skateboarding subculture. Many of my students are in their late teens and early twenties, and this was a subculture I was once part of, when I was that age, so it seemed appropriate to me — there is the possibility that some of my own students would choose this subculture, or one like it to work with for their own projects.

I discuss these concerns below:

TEXT (from above video):

“I’m just about finished creating the example piece of multimodal composition to share, someday, with my students in hopes of asking them to create something similar. But I think it’s important that I talk a little bit about some of the choices that I made in creating this piece as I was thinking about them because I’m keeping my students in mind the entire time I’m working on this piece. I teach composition, first-year composition courses, but at this point, I’m teaching all of my courses online, which brings an interesting mix of students into the classroom, or the class space, I should say. Some of which are very technologically literate, or advanced, others have trouble just navigating the Blackboard course itself. So I try to keep the project fairly simple in terms of what technologies I use and what websites I’ve used, and how I’ve tried to go multimodal in this project. I don’t want to overwhelm my students; I don’t want them to be afraid of doing this type of work. I think working with images and working with short video clips is fairly straightforward. And I think that I can easily create tutorials, or find tutorials, that show my students how to actually do this type of thing as well. So that’s sort of the reasoning why I decided to just use preexisting images and preexisting video clips, all of which I believe are Creative Commons licensed, as far as copyright goes, so there’s not too much that they have to worry about along those lines.”



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