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reviewing and uploading

As I neared the end of the development of the piece, the final steps involved incorporating music with the video, final editing, and uploading the video to YouTube. The story wraps up below:

TEXT (of above video):

“I spent the past half an hour, at this point in time, working with some YouTube footage that I have decided to go ahead and incorporate into the piece. I’m trying to use some YouTube footage, which are mainly videos of people who actually skateboard, explaining what skateboarding is and why it’s enjoyable to them. I’m going to do this instead of using some of the textual slides I’ve created so that I can bring another multimodal element into the piece and let some people with more credibility than my typing has, do the speaking for me. So that’s what I’m doing right now is searching and editing, and cutting out footage that doesn’t matter and blend it with footage that I already have. It’s 9:00, and I’ve been working and tweaking my YouTube footage for about an hour and a half, and I’m now at the point where I feel like I have all the interview footage I need and I’ve incorporated it into my own video, so I’m going to work on editing this footage a little more and bringing in music for the background and developing a title, credits, and all those types of things, and we should be pretty set to go. So we’re almost finished.”



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