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Organizing Visual Assets

With the initial visual assets saved to my computer, I began to import the images into iMovie in order to see what I had and determine the preliminary organization of the piece. After importing these assets, it became clear that my initial collection didn’t include all that I needed, and the work to organize the images was intensive. The story continues below:

TEXT (of above video):
“So it’s about 8:15. I’m going to start working with iMovie and bringing my visual assets into the program, so I can see what I am working with and so I can start organizing the images so that they move in a way that helps me to create the meaning that I want to create. That will also allow me to see what I have and maybe determine if I need to incorporate any other visual entities into the project. So, that’s what I’m gonna go do. But before I could really work with iMovie, I had to first organize the images into three categories. One category was going to be ‘skateboarding is not a crime’ signage. The second category was going to be skateboarders in general. And the third was going to be evidence of skateboarders and their interactions with police. … I’m searching through my photographs and my visual items that I am going to use and I’ve already figured out that I don’t have what I need. So, it’s 8:35, been at it for about a half an hour,  and I am going back to the hunt, looking for more photos. …. I am pretty happy with the pictures and the image assets that I have, so what I am doing right now is using iMovie and working through the cropping feature to make sure that they all show up correctly and it’s probably taken me ten minutes or so to work through just about six images in terms of setting up where the image begins and how we might pan out and pan across a shot. And I am then working to organize the six images to make sure that they go through in the way that I want them to. … So I spent the past hour or so just working through my images and the assets that I have collected so far and organized them in such a way that my piece is going to start off by making the statement that many view skateboarding as a crime; I am going to work through visual proof of that, through some of the images that I have collected. Then I am going to work through what often happens because of that crime, which are interactions with police. And then I am going to go move onto explaining what skateboarding really is, and I’ll end on a note with images I’ve collected that show that skateboarding is not a crime. This whole piece, however, in order to say what I want to say and to ensure that the reader, or viewer, sees the message the way I want it to be seen means that I really need to be careful of not just trusting that the image will show the reader what I want the reader to see. So I am trying to balance text with imagery and incorporating some textual components into the visual piece. So that’s what I am going to work on right now — is creating a few textual pieces in Keynote and moving those, or actually taking pictures of the textual footage and moving that footage into iMovie.



1. cheryl - 2009

Yeah, bump up that sound on the vocals! 🙂 Two notes for the video — I like how it’s showing the process so far. It seems that the importing in the video happens after you tell us you’re going to look for more images, so I think the sequence of clips may need to be rearranged to better show us what you’re doing when. Doesn’t mean you have to show us you searching for more images, tho. Also, once you start editing and we go back to the soundtrack playing, at some points it might be a more effective teaching strategy (not that that’s your intention with this whole piece, but I can easily see you using this whole piece to show your own students the process in a succinct way)… it might be effective to do some more voiceover work during the editing scenes. Reason is our eyes are diverted to the largest part of iMovie, the preview screen, and I didn’t realize at first that you were re-arranging clips in the timeline. A voiceover would point us to those locations and tell us what we’re looking at, for those who’ve never used iMovie or other programs before.

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